Hurthle cells

Hurthle cells

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Hürthle cell tumour — a malignant tumour of the thyroid gland that arises from Hürthle cells, large eosinophilic cells occasionally occurring in the gland. This carcinoma is not as common as papillary, follicular, or anaplastic thyroid carcinomas. K. W. Hürthle (1860… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hürthle cell tumour — a malignant tumour of the thyroid gland that arises from Hürthle (or Askanazy) cells, altered follicular cells of the gland that have large nuclei and stain deeply with eosin (these cells are also found in benign nodules and Hashimoto s disease) …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Askenazy cells — Abnormal thyroid epithelial cells found in autoimmune thyroiditis. The cubical cells line small acini and have eosinophilicgranular cytoplasm and often bizarre nuclear morphology. Also known as Hurthle cells, oxyphil cells or oncocytes …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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